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Flexible ways to train with Eisman Golf Academy


Meet with Eisman Golf Academy for One-on-one Instruction

  • EGA Performance Center (Jon Eisman) Trackman/3-D Capture/Swing Catalyst Available to book for 1-Hour via website or contact Jon Eisman direct
    Half-Day Full Swing/Body Assessments also available
  • Staff Instructors - Wonsuk Rhee
    1 Hour Private Lesson $120.00
    Series of 3 (1 Hour) Lessons $330
    Series of 6 (1 Hour) Lessons $575.00
  • Junior Rates: 12 & under
    1/2 Hour Private Lesson $60.00
    Series of 3 (1/2 Hour) Lessons $170.00
  • Fitting Fee: $125.00
  • Playing Lesson 9-Holes: $250.00
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Learn from Jon Eisman through online lessons

Purchase online digital coaching sessions for just $99.95

  • 15 minute analysis of your swing
  • Prescribed drills and application videos
  • Chat directly with Jon Eisman
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Our Team of Instructors

Eisman Golf Academy has a world-class training team available for online and private instruction

Eisman Golf Academy Locations

Train with us in near your hometown! Here is a list of our Locations.

Laurel Hill Golf Club
Lorton, Virginia

Instructor: Jon Eisman, Wonsuk Rhee
703 268 9881

Laurel Hill Golf Club
8701 Laurel Crest Drive
Lorton, VA 22079


Twin Lakes Golf Course
Clifton, VIrginia

Twin Lakes Golf Course
6201 Union Mill Road
Clifton, VA 20124

Eisman Golf Academy

Upload videos for feedback and Chat Directly with Jon Eisman

For 22 years Jon has been teaching around the NOVA/DC area. His unique blend of modern day biomechanics brings an evidence based learning approach to the physics and kinematics that optimize all golf swings. His studies include education under Dr. Michael Duffy (Penn State University) and Dr. Sasho MacKenzie in Forces and Body Dynamics. Eisman’s stable includes players from some of the top college golf programs in the country to developmental tours around the world. Jon continues his education and knowledge growth by working alongside PGA Tour Coach Dana Dahlquist and Josh Koch!

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Eisman Golf Academy

My research indicates there are no more than a few dozen instructors with a similar skill set on this planet.
That first three hours of instruction with Jon Eisman is an amazingly cool experience. Rather than dictate any particular swing feature, he patiently builds a knowledge base for any student of any age and any ability level. We come to understand WHY there are so many younger tour pros who hit the golf ball so dang far. Answer: those young tour types, female as well as male, have been taught to apply the underpinning physics and hand path kinematics us older players did not even know about when we were learning the game.
I now see what it takes to effectively and safely swing a golf club for the rest of my life. At age 74, I am learning what his phenom college-bound kids are learning. So geeky and so fun.

P. W.

Eisman Golf Academy

As a fellow coach, Jon is a great resource for questions and ideas. Not only has he helped me with my own swing, but also provided great feedback for some of my students. Jon is a great coach, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Brice Busse PGA (Mid-Atlantic)

Eisman Golf Academy

I've known Jon for just a year and watched him develop into a first class coach and it thrills me that he is now considered by his peers as one of the top coaches anywhere in the East Cost. Jon is a fantastic golf coach who understands the golf swing intimately. His systematic approach to coaching ensures fast initial improvements as well as sustainable long-term development. I hope you enjoy learning and playing with Jon as your guide and mentor.

Gavin Parker PGA

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    In your profile, click “Start lesson” on the left side. You must be a silver, or gold member to have access to this feature. However, you can also purchase online lessons on an individual basis to access this feature as well. Once accessible, simply upload swings recorded from your smart phone or video camera, select the category of the videos, and submit the videos to Jon Eisman. He will be notified immediately upon submission.

  • How often is new content uploaded?

    New content will be uploaded on a weekly basis. We encourage you to submit your ideas for future videos utilizing the content forms available on the website.

  • How Quickly does Jon Eisman provide feedback and what is the turn around time on an online lesson?

    Silver and Gold members have access to convenient online messaging with Jon Eisman. Once an online lesson or question is submitted, typical response time is usually within 48 hours.